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Wojciech Tomczuk

Phone: +48 602 128 433

Fax: +83 358 91 28

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Our offer:




Highly specialized equipment for underwater work.

wagi do ładowarek

Loader Scales

Our weights are characterized by ease of use, speed, weight and reliability.

Suszone piaski kwarcowe

Quarz sands


Dried quartz sands, foundry and construction specifications.




Transport across the country.

Our weights are characterized by ease of use, speed, weight and reliability.

Ilość odwiedzin.

Dredger Services:

Professional Services

We provide professional services of aggregate extraction using dredgers.

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Innovative manufacturing technology dredgers

SMOK Dredgers Stocznia Kędzierzyn Koźle Sp. z.o.o. is a new daughter company of Koźle Shipyard created in order to manufacture modern devices for dredging water reservoirs as well as machines for aggregate operations.  





About us

The company works underwater and mining retrans Tomczuk Wojciech is a modern and dynamic company thatadapts its offer to the market needs and customer requirements. We operate in the field of underwaterconstruction, mining, construction, production of dried silica sand and road transport. Her knowledge and appliedtechnology is based on continuous development and 20 years of experience the company was founded 1992years.

We render services aggregate extraction and dredging of water bodies using high-performanceprofessional dredgers (suction excavators, dredgers) up to 2000m3 per hour, which allows for approximately 400m3 of finished ore per hour.


Contact with Us:


Production plant: Dołha

Phone: 602-128-433

Fax: 833589128


Service office: Kobylany

Phone: 602-128-433

Fax: 833589128


Implemented projects:

Our company is implementing a project funded by the European Union under the number 364/10/1 and name:
"Increase of competitiveness of the company retrans Tomczuk Wojciech through the purchase of specialized equipment to enable the introduction of new services."
As part of the Regional Operational Programme Lublin Region.

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Production plant dry quartz sands.

Suszone piaski kwarcowe

  • Dołha 87
  • 21-570 Drelów

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